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KazKontrakt Engineering LLP (further referred to as KKE) was established for the import of engineering equipment from the Russian Federation and its further sale in the market of Kazakhstan. The KKE is the main representative of the major production and trading company Pressnastil and the largest Russian manufacturer of surface drainage systems Gidrolica, and imports equipment such as diagrids, drainage systems, pressed diagrids and other engineering equipment used in the construction of highways, industrial plants, pumping stations, oil terminals, tank farms, airports, urban civil engineering facilities.


GIDROLICA™ products are available on the market since 2005 and are used in the construction and arrangement of private, civil, industrial, sports construction facilities. GIDROLICA combines many years of experience and knowledge in the field of development, design and manufacturing of water drainage systems of foreign as well as domestic experts.


Today, our company occupies a leading position on the market. The number of partners is constantly growing; dealer network and geography of supplies are expanding.


We are trusted because we provide the most favorable conditions for cooperation, which imply low rates and constant wide selection of popular products.


Scope of Application:


Private Construction (Engineering)


  • An effective solution for the drainage of stormwater and melted water from buildings, structures and road surfacing
  • Fit into any landscape   
  • A wide range of solutions for surface drainage tasks of any complexity
  • The quality is confirmed by certificates of conformity
  • The best prices in Kazakhstan


Civil Engineering


  • Widely used on the streets, parks and large commercial facilities
  • Effectively solve the problems of water drainage in areas with different loads
  • Provide a comprehensive solution for water drainage on any facilities
  • Modern technology guarantees reliability of Gidrolica’s stormwater drainage systems


 Industrial Engineering


  • A reliable solution for water drainage from the areas of industrial zones with heavy traffic of heavy trucks
  • The best engineering solutions based on international experience used in Gidrolica’s systems are a reliable solution for the surface drainage problems  
  • Always present in warehouses
  • The quality is confirmed by certificates and passports of the conducted tests
  • The best prices in Kazakhstan


 Sports Venues


  • For drainage of surface waters from football fields, ice arenas, sports fields and adjacent territories
  • A wide range of solutions for problems of any complexity
  • Easy installation facilitates a high speed of the mounting of Gidrolica systems
  • Well-thought-out design solutions provide security of systems as well as easy maintenance and operation


 Transport Terminals


  • For the purpose of water drainage from areas of transport terminals, cargo loading zones of ports, airports, logistics terminals, with the passage of heavy trucks
  • A wide range of trays, sand traps and accessories
  • Always present in warehouses
  • Reliability and quality are confirmed by certificates and tests